Star Battle: The Sudoku Killer

Star Battle Features

Do you like brain games, like Chess, Cattle, Sudoku or other logic puzzles? Then you will love Star Battle! Discover hidden stars based on very few simple rules and deduction. Stars have to be placed in a grid so that each row, column and region contains exactly one star. But be warned: Star Battle is highly addictive. The first quick puzzles are child’s play, but higher levels will rack your brain in this witty logic game.

What others think: “An insiders’ tip for fans of logical thinking!” – Telekom Top – Apps: Game of the week


  • Alarmingly addictive gameplay
  • Be challenged by Starbattle’s unique and intriguing logic of deduction
  • Difficulties from Novice to Expert. From casual one star puzzles to extremely challenging two star levels.
  • Break your own records to get best ratings
  • Enjoy 200+ free logic puzzles and 70+ witty premium levels for hours to play
  • Quick tutorial to get you started in seconds


You may know Star Battle Puzzles from classic puzzle books, but probably under a slightly different name like Tents, Trees, Alberi or Sentinelle. Star Battle is played in the World Puzzle Championships. Its rules have some similarities to Sudoku and Battleships and are also often compared to Cattle puzzles.

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