Star Battle Presskit

Paragraph Eins is a small independent consulting and software development studio located in Cologne, Germany. They have recently launched a very challenging logic puzzle game for Android: Star Battle.


Paragraph Eins was founded by Alexander Kylburg and Falk Kuehnel in 2014 and started as a consulting company for introducing agile software development processes. One year later two former colleagues, Patrick Albertini and Kai Bielenberg, joined the team. Based on agile principles and strong software craftsmanship they envisioned to build great software.

Star Battle

The team’s launch title was Star Battle. Star Battle was invented in 2003 for the World Puzzle Championships and has some similarities to Sudoku, but with a very unique and intriguing logic of deduction. The team adapted the game and created a sophisticated generator for levels. The reception was outright enthusiastic among fans of logic games. The game gained a loyal user base (~5K) which rated the game 4.7* in Google Play.


Vivien: I’m addicted to this game. It gets me off to sleep everynight. I love it!”

Ramon: I am hooked on this game! But I’m almost done with all the levels. 🙁 What am I going to do with myself?



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