The game

Do you like to challenge your brain? You play chess, sudoku or other logic puzzles? Then you will love Star Battle! Discover hidden stars based on very few simple rules and solve the puzzle in this witty logic game. Be warned: Star Battle is highly addictive. The first levels are child’s play, but higher levels will rack your brain.

The game offers:

  • 200 logic puzzles full of fun
  • 1 star and 2 star mode
  • collect blue stars for hidden extras
  • difficulties from easy to hard
  • easy to understand tutorials for beginners

What other Star Battle players think:

„I am already done. 420/420 Stars. Give me more, I need new levels!“

„I almost can’t stop playing.“

„Finished the first levels and I am already addicted. Real challenging!“

„One of the hardest logic puzzles in the store. Thank you!“

„Better than Sudoku. Great alternative to number puzzles.“