Star Battle Origins

You all know and love our puzzle game Star Battle – if not please download Star Battle from the Google Play Store.

Our game is based on the original Star Battle puzzle invented by Hans Eendebak for the World Puzzle Championships in 2003 in Arnhern / Netherlands. It is loosely based on the Cattle puzzle and as some similarities to Sudoku and Battleships. Or as Thomas Snyder aka Dr. Sudoku puts it in Wired Magazine:

Star Battle is an object placement puzzle (with some familiar features from more common puzzles like Sudoku and Battleships) that has its own intriguing logic to deduce.

Star Battle is still played in the World Puzzle Championships, the rules stated on their offical website apply to our game as well:

Place exactly two stars in each row, each column and each outlined area. Stars have the size of one cell and cannot touch each other, not even diagonally.

But there are other variants of Star Battle, but the most common one is two stars. Our App additionally features the one star variant which is in most cases easier.

In Germany Star Battle is known as “Doppelstern”, in Italy it is called “Sentinelle” or “Trees”, and others may know it under the name “Tents”. Fans of Kakuro, Hashi or Numberlink will also find analogies.

Foto: Manuel Martín CC BY

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